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  • What is the commission and payment policy?
    The Maker Roundup marketplace is free to join. Once approved, sellers will be able to list their products and services.

    For physical products and services, the seller will earn 82% of the total sale per item they sell, excluding sales tax. Shipping rate is set by the seller, and the total cost the buyer pays for shipping goes directly to the seller for purchasing you shipping label and fulfilling the order.

    For digital products, the seller will earn 60% of the total sale per item they sell, excluding sales tax.

    Commission per item will be added to the seller's balance upon an item being confirmed as delivered by the seller, plus 3 days for Admin to confirm. Paypal automatic payouts will be enabled, but will require the seller to have a business PayPal account, rather than personal PayPal account. We can set customized products as being non-returnable, but for non-customized products, we ask that sellers adhere to our return policy and handle returns accordingly. Upon confirmation of receipt of returned goods, a refund will be issued to the customer and the refunded commission amount will be deducted from seller's pending payout wallet.

    Also, by joining our affiliate program, you will have the ability to earn additional commission for the sales you refer through your unique affiliate link and/or coupon code.
  • Can I offer tiered discounts on my products?
    Yes, you can.  If you would like to add tiered discount pricing to a listing, please email to make the request.
  • How do I connect my Shopify store for syncing products and orders?
    Connecting your Shopify store will require some API configuration details.  If you are and advanced user, please let us know and we can send the configuration details.  If you need help connecting your store, please email, and we will be happy to help!  Please make sure to have your Shopify collaborator code handy.